Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Missed reading the March 2012 issue of the Owl Creek Gazette?

No problem'll find the complete magazine online via our Archived Issue page!

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Don and Jan Stover said...

We truly appreciate hearing from our readers and are pleased to include their kind letters each month via our "In Our Readers Own Words" page in the magazine.

The following letters came to us by way of our appearances on the Saturday Night Ride Radio Show
courtesy of the shows co-hosts Dennis Kelly and Joy Tsakanikas and their listeners.

~ Jan and Don


Hello Riders,

I wanted to write in and tell you that I love the copy you sent me of the Owl Creek Gazette. I love their "For the Owlets" section. I have four young ones ages four to eleven and finding their crafts have been a helpful addition to our
family routine. We have especially had a lot of messy fun making the seed packets from the January issue. Please send the Owl Creek Gazette our blessings.

~ Shirley Adams


I gotta say I'm very excited about this magazine. There's not much like this it in the world. That grassroots feel has got me really excited. I'm glad that somebody
is out there letting the world know of a different way to live. Just want them to know they’ve got a fan on the coast. The very best for your magazine and to
your radio program as well.

~ Charles McCord