Sunday, August 26, 2012

United in Our Desire for Peace: "Twelve Hours a Year for Peace"

The Owl Creek Gazette hosts a monthly Peace Vigil and invites folks with a common desire for peace, to join us the 4th Sunday of each month on the corner of 4th and Franklin Streets in Greenville, IL from noon-1pm for our monthly vigils -- everyone is welcome!


Joy Tsakanikas said...

Folks, if you have a desire to see peace come join us. It's just an hour of your time. We are not against the troops out there, we are against the war. Please, if you have a loved one you want to see again, come out and stand for peace. It will add up for them!

Don and Jan Stover said...

And the best way we can think of to support our troops is to bring them home and out of harm's way.