Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Historic Presidential Candidate Debate

We, at the Owl Creek Gazette, are proud to be one of the sponsors of Free and Equal's Historic Presidential Debate.

We encourage our readers to leave comments regarding the debate here!

Jan and Don Stover
Editors and Publishers
Owl Creek Gazette


Anonymous said...

Thank you to Owl Creek for sponsoring this debate! Go, Gary!

Jimmy G said...

So far a very good debate, and there's no name calling! VERY refreshing!

sk8boarder15@msn.com said...

All the candidates are honest, thought provoking, and refreshing! But Gary has it right, End the wars, end drug prohibition, end government subsidies of education!

Jim Kuhn said...

Thanks to Owl Creek for sponsoring this debate. I am even more in the corner of Gary Johnson and the Libertarians!!

AuroraAFA said...

Thank you for sponsoring this debate. I thoroughly enjoyed it. While I am a Gary Johnson supporter, any one of the four candidates up there would make a better president than Obama or Romney.

Monika Genehr said...

The whole world gets to watch all qualified runners in the Olympic Games.That's free and equal. America gets to watch only 2 out of 6 presidential candidates? That's not free and equal. Thank you, Owl Creek Gazette, for restoring free and equal to the 2012 presidential debate. So many of my friends (devoted TV watchers) had no clue there were more than 2 guys running. Epic media fail or rather obstruction? Shades of the Soviet Union come to my mind.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to the great folks at Owl Creek Gazette for sponsoring the Free and Equal Elections Presidential Debate!

Don and Jan Stover said...

We were happy to be one of the sponsors of this debate and appreciate knowing that our readers give us a thumbs up for our participation as sponsors.

Many publications tend to shy away from third party politics, but we here at the Owl Creek Gazette feel it fits right in with our independent, self-reliant, and out-of-the-box approach to living and learning.

Hats off to Free and Equal for organizing this event and we look forward to the next debate on October 30th! -- Jan

Unknown said...

Thank you for sponsoring this debate!It was a very good debate and they all agreed on one thing, this two party system must stop now so the people can be heard!

Don and Jan Stover said...

Free and Equal is inviting folks to cast their vote to influence which two candidates (of the 4 included in last night's debate) will advance to the October 30th debate which will be held in Washington,D.C.

To cast your vote, visit: freeandequal.org/vote

-- Jan

Unknown said...

I like Johnson on a lot of the issues, But I would rather vote for Virgil Goode due to his Pro-life stance. Abortion to me is a much bigger issue than the drug war. I understand the drug war sucks but abortion sucks worse and Gary Johnson is a pro-choice not pro-life.

Unknown said...

This was a worthy event. Supporting it is a good idea.

Criticism: The limits on time were too short. A minute is not enough time for rebuttal.

There should be more discretion at cutting off rebuttals if they are not rebuttals.

The first question on state's adopting the top two election format was not worthy. I would prefer federal issues be asked.

There were no questions about central banks nor the Fed.

Positives: I could hear them all fine.

Letting the audience react was good.

Having multiple camera angles was good.

Larry King did a good job.

Zak said...

A huge thanks to Jan and the Owl Creek Gazette from freeandequal.org! And Mike, I've noted your criticisms and am passing them along.

Love and Liberty!

Zak Carter


Don and Jan Stover said...

Zak ... we were happy to have our magazine serve as a venue for promoting last night's debate and look forward to promoting the upcoming October 30th debate via this site as well as through our Owl Creek Gazette fb page and twitter account.

Thanks to Mike for bringing his constructive criticism to the dialogue and thanks Zak for taking the info directly back to Free and Equal.

-- Jan

Daniel D said...

Refreshing to see a more lively debate that actually touches on all of the issues and where there is real disagreement.

One thing that has probably been overlooked is how Virgil Goode is really out of step on most issues with all of the other candidates and really came off as authoritarian by comparison with his uber-conservative views. No surprise though since he was a run of the mill neo-con as a congressman who supported the wars overseas, war on drugs, spending increases, and patriot act. He has no credibility in saying he is against large government or is pro-Constitution when his viewpoint are nearly point by point the same as the KKK.

Jill Stein and Rocky Johnson seemed to have complementary viewpoints to such an extent that I think they should have shared the Green Party ticket rather than split the disenfranchised Left vote. Despite by disagreement on education and the economy, I do respect their consistency and if I had to choose between either one in a three-way race between Romney and Obama, I would not hesitate to since the macro-issues facing us like the bailouts, military intervention, war on drugs, and many more are ones I share.

I personally like Gary Johnson for his consistent advocacy of freedom across the board on domestic issues and foreign affairs. Based on the response from the crowd it would seem that he was the most popular in their eyes as well. He was very forceful and presented himself well despite having an apparent cold.

Don and Jan Stover said...

Daniel ... thanks for taking the time to relay your opinions/site specifics about each of the candidates who participated in the debate. And speaking of your assessment regarding Virgil Goode, according to the Political Compass Quiz the results interestingly put Goode, Obama and Romney all in the "Authoritarian Right Quadrant". The results/explanation for this assessment (as well as the quiz itself for each of us to take) can be found on the Political Compass website at: politicalcompass.org/uselection2012 -- Jan

Don and Jan Stover said...

UPDATE on Second Presidential Debate:

Free and Equal Elections Foundation Changes Presidential Debate to November 5 Due to Hurricane

Free and Equal Elections Foundation today announced the date of the second open-party Presidential debate has changed to November 5. The debate will feature Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein, a line-up decided by voters last week after the first debate between Johnson, Stein, Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode, and Justice Party candidate Rocky Anderson.

The November 5 debate will be held from 9:00pm to 10:30pm Eastern Time at RT America’s state of the art studio and facility. RT America will open its studio and offer a live, neutral feed via satellite to interested media. The moderator will be announced next week.

Additional information is available via Free and Equal's website: freeandequal.org -- Jan