Thursday, October 11, 2012

Your Feedback Requested!

Readers and Friends,

Have you visited all of our pages here at the Owl Creek Gazette

They are:

About Us/Contact Us
Current Issue
Archived Issues
For the Owlets
Ad and Subscription Rates
Archived Ecovillage Updates

Do you have a favorite page ... one you come back and check out time and again?  

We'd love to hear what you enjoy most about your visits here with us.
Looking forward to your feedback, folks.

Thanks much!

Jan Stover
Owl Creek Gazette


Tommy and Joy said...

I'd say that I visit the archives the most. It's my public access library to all things self-reliant. :)

Unknown said...

Though the "Archives" page is a killer resource - and one I hope to take greater advantage of as time goes by - the "Current Issue"page is a place where you can peruse the *latest* information quickly and "catch" what's new in just a few minutes.

Even though I receive a print copy via Snail Mail (AKA - "USPS") it can get "queued" in a stack that *may* not get read right away (though I usually tear the envelope open in the truck on the way home and read at least an article or two) so having another copy close at hand is nice when I have 47 free seconds between page loads and eBay bids or Amazon used book buys.

Beth Gombos said...

Your words, hope, encouragement, wisdom, and self-reliance theme has inspired me, my family, and the community. Thank you for all you do. Keep up the wholesome, great work, and I hope that the OCG will continue to grow!

Beth Gombos said...

Oh, you know what? A "calendar" page would be very helpful I think :) and, I obviously use the archived ecovillage page a lot.

Don and Jan Stover said...

Joy ... love that you think of our Achived Issue page as a public access library to all things self-reliant. When we started the magazine, we hoped to be/become such a resource and appreciate knowing folks are seeing us in that light. - Jan

Don and Jan Stover said...

Val ... appreciate knowing that as a subscriber to the print version of our magazine, you still enjoy checking in to the website and perusing the latest info/issue via our Current Issue page. Nice to hear both the print and online options of the Owl Creek Gazette are serving our readers well. -- Jan

Don and Jan Stover said...

Beth ... thanks for the kind words. We love hearing that our publication serve as an inspiration to others. Our writers, such as yourself, have been a big part of that and we look forward to future issues of the magazine sharing information, education and inspiration to a growing number of folks embracing the concepts and practices of self-reliant living!

Also ... thanks for mentioning the Calender page idea. Currently on our Home page, we have a calendar that lists the monthly activities of the magazine. And in the magazine itself, we have a Community Calendar page that lists great events happening throughout the area. For the time being (until we do create an inclusive online Calender of Events page) I've added the following update to the bottom of the Owl Creek Gazette calendar on the Home page, so folks visiting our site will be aware of the additional resource:
"For an extended listing of great events happening throughout the area, be sure to check out our Community Calendar page in each issue of the magazine. Community events for October and November can be found on page 15 of our October issue."

Roxie said...

I generally look at the home page for the most recent post and any comments. I like how Joy put it about the archives though...a virtual library.

I know that we all want to keep spam down but I gotta tell you, I absolutely HATE the "capcha" thing to prove I am not a robot. I must be a robot because I have to keep asking for new ones several times before I can actually read the words.

Raven Skamaniac said...

I love being able to access the Gazette online! I can easily scroll through to find the information I want, and don't have to store physical copies myself (where I generally can't find what I want later!) I go most to the current issue and archived issues. Were I closer to Illinois, I'd be more interested in the info on things happening there; where my kids younger, I'd be more interested in the stuff for "owlets". I also check on the ecovillage every couple months - what a great project! Thanks for making all this great info so accessible!
Ok - 6th try - maybe I AM a robot too!

Dennis Kelly said...

I love The Owl Creek Gazette! It's the best Self-Reliant, Mind-opening magazine in the USA! I have Learned so much and have met many great people from becoming friends and readers of this great magazine!

Don and Jan Stover said...

Beth ... I wanted to add to my earlier reply that the Archived Ecovillage Updates page (featuring your experiences at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage) continues to get hits even though your internship has ended. It's nice to know that your experiences are still being read and enjoyed here at the Owl Creek Gazette, eh?! Perhaps you'd be game to let us share some additional photos on the page from your time at Dancing Rabbit (keeping the page fresh for interested readers) -- and any time you pay the folks at Dancing Rabbit a visit, please know we'd love to have you write an update about your return trip too! -- Jan

Don and Jan Stover said...

Roxie ... glad to see you mentioned the Home page. We do try to keep the page lively and filled with our latest interests and efforts so readers will know what we've been doing and planning (especially between issues) -- and so area folks can join us in any number of endeavors and events.

And thanks for mentioning the "capcha" thing ... as I'm always logged in and as Don and I are owner of the blog, I don't have to prove my person vs robot status, so I haven't experienced the trouble folks have to go through just to leave a comment. Not sure it's fixable, but it's worth looking into our settings to see if we can make posting more convenient for those choosing to do so! -- Jan

Don and Jan Stover said...

Raven … thanks for the feedback. We're happy our magazine reaches folks far and wide (within and beyond our print distribution area) courtesy of our website. We're also happy to hear that featuring the current issue of the magazine and making past issues available too (via the Archived Issues page) is appreciated by our readers.

I imagine for folks living quite a distance from Illinois, the local info/activities we post on the Home page can be less pertinent (though we hope folks not from the area who find themselves traveling through Greenville, IL, will stop by the Owl Creek Gazette office for a visit and possibly even have a chance to enjoy a local event or two).

Also having older children can make our “For the Owlets” page less of a must see – although I've recently been thinking about posting Elza Hickoryshack's woodworking projects (which we feature in the magazine itself) directly on our “For the Owlets” page too – these are definitely the kinds of projects older kids should be able to undertake and enjoy (with some parental involvement).

Glad you've enjoyed the Ecovillage info and thanks again for your positive comments in general! -- Jan

Don and Jan Stover said...

Dennis ... thanks for your glowing review of the Owl Creek Gazette. It does us proud to hear folks tell us they have learned from the magazine and built friendship with others as a result of our publication. We can certainly relate to this ourselves as we have also learned from and become friends with so many of our readers and writers ... and we are certainly richer for the experience! -- Jan

Roxie said...

Testing your new settings.

Don and Jan Stover said...

Roxie ... glad to see the new settings are working and that we were able to make the process of leaving a comment here at the Owl Creek Gazette much more user friendly :-) -- Jan