Sunday, August 4, 2013

"Creekside with Don and Jan" Online Scavenger Hunt Questions

And the winner of our
"Creekside with Don and Jan"
online Scavenger Hunt is
(drum roll please) ...
Crystal Rivali of Litchfield, IL

Folks ... you're all invited to join in the fun of our first ever online "Creekside" Scavenger Hunt (for a chance to win this handcrafted owl pendent/necklace created especially for us by artist Rebekah Dawn of Mulberry Mudd!)

The following 10 Scavenger Hunt questions were announced on our August 4th "Creekside with Don and Jan" podcast (Episode 27) and the answers to these questions can be found by "scavenging" through our website here AND on our podcast's site via Owl Creek Radio at

Questions (with answers found on our website): 

 1) Found on our "About Us" page:
How many copies of the Owl Creek Gazette are printed per issue?
Answer: 5,250

2) Found on our "Current Issue" page: What articles are on page 5 of this current August 2013 issue?
Answer: The Unpreschooler and The Red Tent

3) Found in the August 2013 issue itself:What is the name of our August Second Saturday Series presentation?
Answer: Seed Saving, Storing and Swamping

4) Found on the "Archived Issues" page:
How many birds (not including the OCG Owl) are there on the cover of the September 2012 issue?

Answer: 10

5) Found on the "For the Owlets" page:
Name the two types of owls represented on the Owl Mask Craft
Answer: Barn and Barred 

6) Found on the "Classified Ad" page:
How much does a Classified Ad cost to run in the Owl Creek Gazette?
Answer: (up to) 40 words for $8.95

Questions (with answers found on our podcast site):

7) Who was our guest on Episode 15 of Creekside with Don and Jan?
Answer: Elizabeth Gombos

8) Who were our guests on Episode 19 of Creekside with Don and Jan?
Craig "Boze" Baumberger and "Swamp" Weiss

9) What's the category Creekside with Don and Jan appears in on
Answer: Society and Culture

10) Fill in the blanks:
Answer: Owl Creek, It's a State of Mind
(though we must admit, we got a kick out of Crystal's answer
Owl Creek, It's a kick a$$ publication!

Send your answers to with the words "Scavenger Hunt" in the subject line.

Or mail to:
Owl Creek Gazette
Scavenger Hunt
208 South Second Street

Greenville, IL 62246

To be considered for a prize, all answers must be in by noon on Saturday, August 10th.

The winner is determined by the person who has the most correct answers. If several participants have the same number of correct answers, those names will be entered into a drawing with the winner's name being drawn from hat.  The winner will be announced on our Saturday, August 11th podcast.

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