Friday, September 13, 2013

Join Us for Our Week Long Anniversary Celebration: September 21st-28th!

Come Celebrate With Us as We Look Back on Our First Two Years of Publishing the Owl Creek Gazette ... and Usher in the Beginning of Year Three! 

Saturday, September 21st from 5pm-8pm

Drop by as we unveil our newly redesigned office and Owl Creek Radio headquarters ... plus record your own greeting to air on
 “Creekside with Don and Jan”!

The Celebration Continues on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday September 24th-28th

Drop by the office for daily happenings and register to win a unique Owl Creek Gazette gift basket.

Also, feel free to leave a comment below, sharing your thoughts on and experiences with our magazine, podcast, workshops and more. We love to hear from our Owl Creek Gazette community!

Last but not least, a BIG THANKS to everyone for helping us make year 2 a successful endeavor ... and now it's on to year 3 with the OCG!

~ Don and Jan Stover
Co-Editors and Publishers of the Owl Creek Gazette


Unknown said...

Nearly 3 years ago when I first got the very first owl creek gazette's issue, I immediately knew I loved the magazine. It was FINALLY a great entertaining, informative, thinking outside the box, publication that this local area needed. Now I have watched this kitchy self-reliant magazine grow from coast to coast and many other ways. Looking forward to yet another unique year of publications & events and so forth at The Owl Creek Gazette Magazine! Thanks Don & Jan Stover! :-)

Unknown said...

Dennis ... thanks for all the enthusiastic support you have given the Owl Creek Gazette (and our "Creekside with Don and Jan" podcast too)! I remember the first time you dropped by the office to kindly offer our magazine's content a big thumbs up, then inviting us to become monthly guests on your Saturday Night Ride Radio show, as well as sharing in many of our Owl Creek Gazette endeavors (such as our Second Saturday Series presentations, our monthly Peace Vigils and more). As they say, time flies when you're having fun ... and we've had lots of fun at the OCG thanks in large part to readers/supporters/friends like you! -- Jan

Anonymous said...

What is the Owl Creek Gazette?...It's educational...thought provoking...and fun!

The Owl Creek Gazette is hometown journalism like it used to be...presented by people that you know...It's hard to find any publication anywhere on any platform that consistently presents such a wide variety of hints...and stories about life in this part of our world...All that and more can be found in every issue!...The Owl Creek Gazette is a good thing made by good people!

Dan Michel

Unknown said...

Dan ... your wonderful words paint such a charming picture of the Owl Creek Gazette. As I am the granddaughter of an old time newspaper publisher myself, to hear our publication compared to hometown journalism of days gone by does my heart proud. We hope to live up to your gracious assessment of our work and want to thank you for the inspirational sentiments you have offered here. -- Jan

Anonymous said...

Owl Creek Gazette is one of the best publications around! Wonderful articles, useful information, fun and playful! Dan Michel said it all!!! It does, indeed,capture the feel of the old time newspapers and journals! Keep up the great work, guys!
Jeff jones

Unknown said...

Jeff ... thanks so much for the kind words. We not only appreciate your thoughtful assessment of our publication, but we also appreciate how enthusiastically you help distribute the Owl Creek Gazette at your place of business, the Sunshine House Health Food Store, in Vandalia, IL. So many folks who drop in to pay us a visit here at the OCG office tell us they pick up each new month's issue while shopping with you. :-) It's great knowing that so many of your customers are our readers (and vice versa). Thanks again for your continued support! -- Jan

Anonymous said...

Owl Creek Gazette is the premier paper of the metro east. I look forward to it every month. Jeff Jones is my favorite writer.


Richard Barth.

Unknown said...

Richard ... thanks for being such an avid reader and supporter of the Owl Creek Gazette! To be referred to as "the premiere publication of the Metro-East" is quite an honor as we know there's a large number of publications being produced/distributed in that area. We'll do our best to live up to that assessment ... and to inspire your favorite writer, Jeff Jones, to get writing again! :-) -- Jan