Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Alpacas Abound

Our Owl Creek Gazette Sales Representative, Gay Renee Heard, was a guest on our December 8, 2013 episode of Creekside with Don and Jan (Episode 45).  After hearing Gay delight in telling the tales of being an alpaca owner and elaborating a bit about the personalities of the charming critters, we wanted to share a few photos of her Whispering Winds Alpacas herd with our readers and friends here at the Owl Creek Gazette.  

And to hear Gay tell her alpaca tales, tune in to the archived episode of Creekside with Don and Jan show on Owl Creek Radio HERE.

Lady poses for the camera

  Lady's little boy, Captain Anniversary

 Ole' Lacy with her new baby, Studly ... he's just the prettiest little guy! 

Blue-Eyed Rosie 

Erin's Midsummer Night Dream 

(but her nickname is Erie. pronounced Airy)

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