Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The American Front Porch Gives a Thumbs Up to the Owl Creek Gazette and "Creekside with Don and Jan"

The Owl Creek Gazette and Creekside with Don and Jan received a complimentary review from the folks at The American Front Porch via Bob Whiteside's article, Podcast Possibilities -- along with an invite for future collaborations.

Here's the complete article ... we hope you enjoy the read as much as we did   -- Don and Jan

Podcast Possibilities
by Bob Whiteside

Well, just in case anyone has stumbled across this still unlisted, soon to be webpodvod feedcast whatchamacallit... I'll journalize the story of how it's starting to come together.   We started uploading our homemade music videos a long time ago on a telephone internet access called "dial-up"   Cell phones still looked like walkie-talkies and our videos were sized like postage stamps.   The thumbnails were the actual videos.   It's been a technological battle ever since then.  

The Series, as explained in our attempt at a Video Commentary called "The Perpetrators" is the light bulb over the ball caps of Swamp (ya doesn't hafta call me Bruce) Weiss and VideoBob (formerly known as RadioBob) Whiteside. The subtitle of "The Perpetrators" is "Why radio is still a good thing!" which is a self commentary about two aging white guys in ball caps and pot bellies aiming a camera at themselves.

It really should have occurred to us to do an audio show back then, but Bob is a photographer/visual guy as is proven by his guitar playing, and he just had to shoot the videos over the last ten years.

Recently I became inspired by the very professional and great sounding podcast started by our Greenville Illinois publishing pioneers, the Stovers.   Their podcast is so good that I've mirrored their most recent podcast here because a lot of it's folksy topics are compatible with our folksy videos. 

So, yesterday I contacted Swamp who is a Greenville resident and kind of walking music museum and asked him if he would be willing to do the web radio show thing up at the Owl Creek Gazette storefront where Don and Jan record "Creekside With Don and Jan."   Yep.    I walked in on a pre-Thanksgiving dinner for some church ladies at Swamp's house but he had finished and was watching "Horsefeathers" for the umpteenth time   This led to a five minute discussion about the original five Marx Brothers movies and which one was best    (consider this sort of miscellaneous, stream of semi-consciousness - a preview of the dialog portion of the upcoming podcasts)

Then I talked to Jan at the store and Don on the phone.   Don is an extremely experienced audio/video technician who said,  "Sure!"  immediately but then started into planning his technical assault plans for the production.  Actually, I just bought a great little 6 channel audio board at a yard sale for $20 and have some pretty good mics that I bought in that very same store when it was a music/guitar shop run by local Blues musician, Jeff Chapman.   I used the mics to record all four of Backwoods Hobo Jack's CDs.   Jack will be one of our first musical interview guests.

Between Swamp and I, we've met lot's of interesting people we hope to exploit for the Show without regard to and with intentional neglect of political or religious subjects.   As an example, we know a guy who sings Woodie Guthrie songs but listens to Rush Limbaugh.   There's no talking politics with a guy like that and in fact it's not a safe topic with anybody. So, I'll keep making posts as this project attempts to happen within the next few weeks or months.  I'll invent my radio sign-off right now as you read this....   "Until next week.. 'Be sure to practice your yodeling -but not around us.'  Thanks. Later."           

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