Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Contemplative Terrarium Project ... Our Herb Garden Under Glass

Making our Terrarium ...

We started with a 6 gallon glass jar purchased at a local antique/thrift shop. We placed a layer of natural lump hardwood charcoal on the bottom of the jar, followed by a layer of small rocks and then a deep layer of potting soil.

Next we placed our plants ... dill, lavender, parsley and tarragon in the potting soil, (i.e. an herb garden under glass) followed with a light watering.

To complete the setting, we included the sculpted Raku figures, fired in charcoal, created by our son, Zac Stover, during his college years. The figures seem contemplative to us, hence the name Contemplative Terrarium.

The finished project (minus the lid in this photo) sits in our front window, soaking up the sun 
... and has become its own little eco-system.  

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