Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Owl Creek Gazette's "No Freedom Without Hemp" Event a Success!

Our Owl Creek Gazette "No Freedom Without Hemp" Event took place
during  Hemp History Week and was a great success with folks joining us from the Effingham area,  and from the communities of Highland, Litchfield, Mulberry Grove, Panama, Pocahontas, Smithboro, Vandalia,
and of course, Greenville, Illinois.

We had a variety of free samples to hand out including 
Hemp Hearts and Castile Soaps with hemp as an ingredient, along with lots of free literature too! Attendees were also treated to samples of Banana Hemp Muffins and
could also taste test Hemp Hop Rye Beer from O'Fallon Brewing Company in Missouri.

Special thanks to Jes Adam of Adam Brothers Music and Coffeehouse
of Greenville for baking our Banana Hemp Muffins!

Thanks to the Sunshine House Health Food Store in Vandalia for donating the Whole Wheat Flour and Hemp Hearts and to Terra Mater Botanicals of Greenville for donating the
"Sunshine and Bugs" eggs ...
 ingredients included in the making of the muffins!

Pictured above is OCG co-editor Jan Stover with baker Jes Adam.

The Owl Creek Gazette is proud to announce the winner of our Hemp History Week T-shirt
 (drum roll please) ....   
Don Cole of Litchfield, IL

Folks wanting to learn more about Hemp History Week are invited to read the article Industrial "Hemp is NOT Marijuana: The Story Behind the Story" on page 8 in the June issue of the Owl Creek Gazette

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