Monday, August 25, 2014

"The House That Called On Us"

Owl Creek Gazette readers will know co-editors, Don and Jan Stover, have been renovating an old farmhouse with the eventual goal to call it their home. In the spirit of practicing what they preach in the OCG,  plans to recycle and repurpose as much of the existing materials being removed during the demolition process is leading the couple down an exciting path of renovating and remodeling.  Below are some pics of the process.

Though this pic is somewhat askew ... the sidewalk gives a feel for the distance the house sits off from the road (which we love) and the huge trees offer up a perfect framing for the house itself.

We see most folks entering the house via this door (which leads into the kitchen) in a "back door friends are best" kind of way.

We can just imagine ourselves sitting on the front porch enjoying the calm.

And now Don and Jan invite you to step inside ...

Don in the kitchen pointing out the area where the recessed shelving/pantry will be installed.

Don stands in the "kitchen" looking into the "bathroom".

Photo taken from the "back porch" looking through the "bathroom" into the bedbroom.

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