Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Music Filled the Air at the Owl Creek Gazette

We were pleased to host a number of local musicians at the
 Owl Creek Gazette over the December 13th-14th weekend.

Wildflower Conspiracy Duo Erin O'Toole (left) and Dale Hannah (right)
Co-Editors Jan and Don Stover (center)

Rural Rights Revival
Randy Keeling, Steve Clark, Mel Cloe and Swamp Weiss

Miguel Escobar of The Noble Manes

The above artists have CDs  available for purchase at the 
Owl Creek Gazette office 112 South Second Street in downtown Greenville, IL.  


And the Music Continued....

On Wednesday, December 17th, we had members of the Greenville College Choir drop by the Owl Creek Gazette office as they were out and about Christmas caroling. We snapped this photo of the group and had a chance to record them singing a couple of carols. The harmonies were simply beautiful and what a way to make the day (and the season) even more festive!

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