Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Greenville's Bicentennial Celebration,"A Party 200 Years in the Making", was a HUGE Success!

We were happy to be a part of this great weekend ... and how nice it was to have "front row seats" to so many of the activities as they took place on Second Street!  Below are a few photos from the Bicentennial weekend starting with the Owl Creek Gazette office (and our sister shop, Don's Uniques and Repair) getting all decked out for the occasion)!

Festive bunting graced businesses throughout the town.

Our OPEN sandwich sign invited folks to come on in (as well as advertising our upcoming Little House on the Prairie ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder Autumn Dinner) and our handy rack holding issues of the Owl Creek Gazette (April through September 2015) was set up for passers by to pick up and enjoy any or all of the issues we've published and distributed over the last six months!

As part of our window display, we set up these owls, cooking with their cast iron kettle over an open fire (in honor of the Cast Iron Cooking contest going on during the Bicentennial and as a hat tip to the Little House on the Prairie Series too)!

Mark and Debbie Gasser of Greenville, and friends of the Owl Creek Gazette, entered the Bicentennial Cast Iron Cooking Contest and dropped by the office to say "Hello" in their period attire.  Mark has offered to share some of his cast iron cooking recipes in the October issue of the OCG!

The Clydesdales were gorgeous ... what a great addition to the Greenville Bicentennial parade!

We also ran this ad in the local newspaper, the Greenville Advocate, inviting folks to drop in and see the 1938 Greenville movie we were showing over the weekend ...
lots of great images of faces and places from days gone by!

A special thanks to Hope Walker for sharing this film with us and allowing us to share it here in the office/shop during the Bicentennial!

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