Tuesday, October 18, 2016

3rd Annual Owl Creek Gazette Autumn Dinner Was A Hit!

So many great moments enjoyed and memories made at the  Owl Creek Gazette Autumn Dinner held at Adam Bros Coffeehouse on Sunday, October 16, 2016.

On Right: Co-editor Jan Stover poses with "Votes for Women" pumpkin carved by Co-editor Don Stover -- in keeping with the dinner's theme: "Remembering and Honoring the Women (and men) of the Suffrage Movement".


Below: Head Chef Roxanne Bare and assistant Wendy Matyas pose for a quick pic after serving up the delightful meal to guests.

On Left: Jes Adam, Taylor Steele and Christina Hardin pictured here performing the "Suffragette Vignettes" at last night's Owl Creek Gazette Autumn Dinner.

On Right: Co-editor Don Stover (upper left corner of photo) enjoys posing for a photo with a few of the folks attending the dinner between the play and dessert.

Above: Congrats to these lucky ladies ... all winners at at our Owl Creek Gazette Autumn Dinner! From left to right: Debbie Gasser won one of the jars of our Sweet Pickled Cabbage made by Roxanne Bare, Karen Shaw  won one of the Suffragette Coffee Art Paintings painted by Christina Leach of Coffee Brush, Linda Hood Barth won the other jar of our Sweet Pickled Cabbage, Aimee Pence won the other Suffragette Coffee Art Painting and Gay Renee Heard won a package of Suffragette Tea (our Owl Creek Gazette/ Terra Mater Botanicals October Tea by Two blend).

For a recap of the 3rd Annual Owl Creek Autumn Dinner 
we invite you to tune in to Episode 194 of Creekside with Don and Jan HERE

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