Friday, December 30, 2016

New Broadcasting Location for our Creekside with Don and Jan Podcast!

With more than 200 consecutive episode of Creekside with Don and Jan under our belts and fast approaching our 4th year in podcasting, we are excited to announce that we’ll begin broadcasting our podcast from a new location, courtesy of an exciting and gracious invitation from Rick McPeak.

Originally we recorded our podcast each week at our Owl Creek Gazette brick and mortar office on South Second Street in Greenville -- but since taking the Owl Creek Gazette on the road back in June and moving the magazine’s office to our house, we've been recording from our home location since July 2016. 

That brings us back to the news of our NEW broadcast location at 104 North Second Street in Greenville (the former barber shop located in the old Masonic building on the corner of Main and Second Streets, next to Joe’s Pizza and Pasta). For readers less familiar with Greenville, this location is on the downtown square and just a block up the street from our former office. 

We’ll be recording Creekside with Don and Jan there on Sunday nights and our Members' Mid-Week at the Creek podcast on Wednesday evenings.  In fact, we'll be recording our first podcast of the new year there -- so when you tune on Sunday, January 1, 2017 picture us podcasting from our new digs!  Woot! 

More details to follow in the January 2017 issue of the Owl Creek Gazette!

UPDATE: Click HERE to listen in Episode 205 of Creekside with Don and Jan -- the first episode recorded in our new digs! 


Anonymous said...

What a fun broadcast this was! Great job!
Anxious to hear the story behind it all and the future plans it holds.

Jan Stover said...

Thanks for the positive feedback, Gary and Cindy ... glad you both enjoyed the show! Next week will be another fun (and informative) episode as we'll be joined by Rick McPeak who will be bringing his insight and first hand experience regarding the building and the mission statement guiding plans for its future. It's bound to be a don't miss Creekside conversation!