Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Join Us for Our Mother's Day Open House Tea

We'll have a variety of our "Tea by Two" blends
available for tasting and for purchasing. Here is an example:

“A Mother’s Love” was the name of our Tea by Two blend for May 2016. The quote that inspired this unique blend is: "A mother's love is like a cup of tea, both are always there to comfort you." -- Anonymous The tea’s ingredients are green tea, hibiscus, raspberry leaf, motherwort, oatstraw, roses, lemongrass. A bit about the tea: Just as a mother’s love is enduring, encouraging, and a warm embrace, the herbs in this months tea reflect many of those same qualities. Motherwort is known for its nourishing and strengthening qualities. Many of the herbs are particularly helpful for women, but this tea is for everyone. 

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