Monday, April 6, 2020

The Hard Truth of the Matter

 In late March, we had announced our decision to move the Owl Creek Gazette to a quarterly publication. This would have found us producing an April/May/June issue. However, due to the mandated closures of designated "non-essential" businesses along with the limited services (curbside/carry) and shrinking hours of many designated "essential" businesses, the number of distribution sites our readership may now pick up copies of our publication has been drastically reduced. Of the 100+ locations we regularly place the OCG, only 20 remain fully open with unaffected business hours and/or restricted access.

This finds us in a real quandary which takes many factors into account ... all of which come back to distribution availability. With the cost of printing, the time and expense of delivery, the inconvenience to our readership, and the disservice to our advertisers' investment that less distribution (and thus less eyes on their ads) would bring ... should we even attempt to produce a print issue until the mandated closures have been lifted? Would an online version of our publication be a beneficial use of time and energy? There is so much to consider as we wade through the muck and mire that has become our nation's new "business normal". Alas, the struggle is real ... and ongoing (coupled with Don's health issues as well).

Perhaps the best we will be able to offer in the coming days are glimpses into what would have appeared in this issue here on our website ... featuring our wonderful writers' work, piece by piece ... so please stay tuned. And thanks, as always folks, for your owlsome concern for and support of the OCG!

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