Thursday, November 12, 2020

A New Business Model in OCG's Future!

 We are so very pleased to announce the introduction of a new business model for the Owl Creek Gazette  ... one that will not only help the publication grow, but will help create a broader and stronger Owl Creek Community across the country!  We will be offering Owl Creek Gazette Business Licensing Agreements which will allow for not just one OCG magazine, but 50 ... yep, that's one per state!  We're thrilled that long time OCG columnist, Shanan Strode, has purchased the Owl Creek Gazette-Illinois license (and we also have someone expressing a genuine interest in the Owl Creek Gazette-Indiana license as well)!

Shanan will be happily honoring current OCG subscriptions and all OCG pre-paid advertising agreements in the OCG-Illinois magazine! She also plans to bring the magazine back to a monthly publication, grow the distribution area, and continue building on the mission and message that first inspired us to begin publishing the Owl Creek Gazette back in 2011. 

Look for Shanan to have her first issue out in January 2021! We wish her well on this new journey and know she will do justice to the community she will serve! 

Stay tuned for additional details!

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