Friday, June 4, 2021

OCG Becomes OCP

A note from Jan Stover, co-founder of the Owl Creek Gazette magazine, on the evolution of the Owl Creek Gazette into Owl Creek Publications ... 

In November 2020, Don and I announced our decision to no longer publish the Owl Creek Gazette magazine ourselves, but instead to open up an opportunity for others by offering Owl Creek Gazette Business Licensing Agreements.  Such a business model would allow for not just one regional OCG magazine, but rather 50 OCGs (ideally one in every state)!  Long time OCG columnist, Shanan Strode, purchased the Owl Creek Gazette - ILLINOIS Business License and has been publishing the magazine here in Illinois since January 2021, returning the publication back to its original monthly format.

Unfortunately with Don's sudden passing in January, many of the business plans for the OCG were put on hold as I did my best to process and deal with this heartbreaking new reality and the menagerie of changes that come with the loss of one's spouse (of 41 years) and business partner. 

That said, during the last several months I have found myself writing a column for the Owl Creek Gazette - Illinois, titled "Creekside Memories".  Writing for the OCG-IL has been a positive way to bridge the original magazine with the new publication and business model and good for me personally too.  
I have also been writing poetry which I've found to be very therapeutic as I cope with my grief, sadness, etc... and I have been blown away by the outpouring of positive feed back and support people have shared with me as they read and relate to my words.

More recently as I've begun to clear my head a bit, and acknowledge the reality that I have officially retired from doing the full time work of producing and distributing a monthly magazine, as well as no longer owning and operating our Creekside Community Brew Coffeehouse (we also sold the coffeehouse back in November of 2020), I could begin to contemplate a number of possibilities and directions for myself and the Owl Creek Gazette to grow into, in addition to offering the Owl Creek Gazette Business Licensing Agreements. I could pick up working on the Owl Creek Anthology series, Don and I had started to publish several years ago. I could begin compiling my poetry (under the name The Creekside Poet) and work to publish a book of my poems ... ideas started bubbling up, all of which I believe would make Don proud, and would serve to honor him, the work we did as a team, and the life we lived together.

With all that in mind, a name change and new logo were in order as the Owl Creek Gazette evolved into Owl Creek Publications, now serving as a resource guide and clearing house for publications and products produced by and/or associated with the original OCG ... yes, the OCP is the official umbrella operation for all things Owl Creek related! And though Don isn't physically with me on this new journey, I know he is here with me in spirit and I hope you all will be able to feel his presence in the work of OCP too!

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