Monday, August 25, 2014

"The House That Called On Us"

Owl Creek Gazette readers will know co-editors, Don and Jan Stover, have been renovating an old farmhouse with the eventual goal to call it their home. In the spirit of practicing what they preach in the OCG,  plans to recycle and repurpose as much of the existing materials being removed during the demolition process is leading the couple down an exciting path of renovating and remodeling.  Below are some pics of the process.

Though this pic is somewhat askew ... the sidewalk gives a feel for the distance the house sits off from the road (which we love) and the huge trees offer up a perfect framing for the house itself.

We see most folks entering the house via this door (which leads into the kitchen) in a "back door friends are best" kind of way.

We can just imagine ourselves sitting on the front porch enjoying the calm.

And now Don and Jan invite you to step inside ...

Don in the kitchen pointing out the area where the recessed shelving/pantry will be installed.

Don stands in the "kitchen" looking into the "bathroom".

Photo taken from the "back porch" looking through the "bathroom" into the bedbroom.

Peace and Unity Vigil for Ferguson, Missouri

On August 14th, Don and Jan Stover joined others around the country as a Peace and Unity Candlelight Vigil was held hoping for and supporting efforts for better times Ferguson, Missouri.

Friday, August 1, 2014

The August Issue of the Owl Creek Gazette is Hot Off the Press and Ready to Read

We're loving all the great info in the August issue of the Owl Creek Gazette ... we invite you to visit our Current Issue page to give it a read (or drop by the office and pick up a hard copy at 208 South Second Street in downtown Greenville, IL)!

Owl Creek Gazette Old Fashioned Christmas in July Review

A great time was had by all who attended our Old Fashioned Christmas in July event held at the Owl Creek Gazette office, 208 South Second Street in downtown Greenville, Illinois.

The front of the Owl Creek Gazette office was decorated to reflect the "holiday" happenings inside at the "Old Fashioned Christmas in July" event!

The fireplace and Christmas tree added a homey, holiday atmosphere inside.

Friends attending the event brought us some surprise "Christmas" gifts: including tasty homemade jams and jellies, and cinnamon Christmas tree ornaments.

Don Stover served up some of his "legen-dairy" homemade chocolate ice cream too ... and it was a hit!

Ellen Ludwig won our Christmas in July Gift Basket!

Additional adventures at the Owl Creek Gazette and Don's Uniques and Repairs during Christmas in July included (left to right)  Richard Barth, Keith Ford and Don Stover having a "spontaneous moment of combustion" using a Fresnel lens, and a 2x4. Ignition occurred in less than a minute, enhanced by a little extra air using Don's "fire stick".

Another nice addition to the day was the American Farm Heritage Museum Tractor Show Parade that made its way down Second Street in Greenville, IL coming right in front of the Owl Creek Gazette and Don's Uniques and Repairs. Here neighbor, Sam Langel, owner of Downtown Barbershop on Second Street in Greenville, IL drive his John Deere in the parade and give us a big wave.  Gotta love life in small town Midwest America!

itunes pic

For a fun recap of our OCG Old Fashioned Christmas in July event tune in to Episode 78 of Creekside with Don and Jan HERE.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The JULY 2014 Issue of the Owl Creek Gazette is Out In Print and Online!

To read this month's issue of the Owl Creek Gazette online, we invite you to visit our Current Issue page

A BIG THANKS to this month's contributing writers and advertisers!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

"Owl Creek Gazette's "No Freedom Without Hemp" Event a Success!

Our Owl Creek Gazette "No Freedom Without Hemp" Event took place
during  Hemp History Week and was a great success with folks joining us from the Effingham area,  and from the communities of Highland, Litchfield, Mulberry Grove, Panama, Pocahontas, Smithboro, Vandalia,
and of course, Greenville, Illinois.

We had a variety of free samples to hand out including 
Hemp Hearts and Castile Soaps with hemp as an ingredient, along with lots of free literature too! Attendees were also treated to samples of Banana Hemp Muffins and
could also taste test Hemp Hop Rye Beer from O'Fallon Brewing Company in Missouri.

Special thanks to Jes Adam of Adam Brothers Music and Coffeehouse
of Greenville for baking our Banana Hemp Muffins!

Thanks to the Sunshine House Health Food Store in Vandalia for donating the Whole Wheat Flour and Hemp Hearts and to Terra Mater Botanicals of Greenville for donating the
"Sunshine and Bugs" eggs ...
 ingredients included in the making of the muffins!

Pictured above is OCG co-editor Jan Stover with baker Jes Adam.

The Owl Creek Gazette is proud to announce the winner of our Hemp History Week T-shirt
 (drum roll please) ....   
Don Cole of Litchfield, IL

Folks wanting to learn more about Hemp History Week are invited to read the article Industrial "Hemp is NOT Marijuana: The Story Behind the Story" on page 8 in the June issue of the Owl Creek Gazette

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The June 2014 Issue of the Owl Creek Gazette is Out In Print and Online!

We're always pleased when our latest issue has "hit the stands" and is also available online via our Current Issue Page for folks to click on and enjoy!

Here's what's in the June 2014 issue of the Owl Creek Gazette:
Page 2: From Jan’s Desk
Page 3: 
From Don’s Desk
Page 3: In Our Readers’ Own Words
Page 4: June With the Jaways at Robie Creek
Page 5: June’s Festivities
Page 6: 
The Boat Builder
Page 6: A Pan Fish Paradise
Page 7: Highland, Illinois
Page 8: Hemp History Week
Page 9: National Dairy Month Twist
Page 9: Creekside with Don and Jan.
Page 10: Coffee Pairings / Educate your Mouth
Page 11: Don’t Throw it Away, Let Don Look at it
Page 12: Sunshine and Bugs Living by Season
Page 13: A Pump Marriage
Page 14: Hickoryshack Revisited / Barred Owl Nest
Page 15: Meet Gay Renee Heard and Her Menagerie
Page 16: From Ashes, The Movie
Page 17: Back to Basics - Ellie Goes to Turtle Island
Page 18: For The Owlets / Creekside Chronicles
Page 19: OCG Community Calendar