Tuesday, April 1, 2014

APRIL 2014 Issue of the Owl Creek Gazette is HERE!

The April issue of the Owl Creek Gazette is -- Hot off the Press --
and ready for reading in print and online!
Just click on our
  CURRENT ISSUE PAGE to read the April issue.

 Plus, we're pleased to announce this month's issue 
has grown to 20 pages!!!

Here's What's In the March 2014 Issue:

Page 2 & 3: From the Editors’ Desk
Page 3: In Our Readers’ Own Words
Page 4: Creekside with Don and Jan
Page 4: Piney Woods Ranch Update
Page 5: Mulberry Grove Past and Present
Page 6: April with the Jaways at Robie Creek
Page 7: OCG Self Reliance Expo Recap
Page 8: Sunshine and Bugs Living by Season
Page 9: Beekeepers Corner
Page 10: Easter Treats and Springtime Goodies
Page 11: Building a Box Kite
Page 12: A Visit to Laura Ingalls-Wilder Home
Page 13 Bucky Fuller Dome Home Groundbreaking Celebration
Page 13: Bats about Bats
Page 14: The Roots of Indian Images
Page 15: What We Learned and Didn’t Learn in Civics
Page 16: Storm Preparedness for Pets and People
Page 17: Poetry by Jeff Jones
Page 18: Owl Creek Gazette Community Calendar
Page 19: Owl Creek Gazette Classified Ads

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Owl Creek Gazette Co-Editors Don and Jan Stover with Mountain Man Eustace Conway

OCG co-editors and organizers of the Owl Creek Gazette Self-Reliance Expo, Don and Jan Stover, are joined by Expo Keynote Speaker, Eustace Conway, star of History Channel's Mountain Men series and founder of Turtle Island Preserve.  Together they enjoy a moment in time while holding the Expo banner in front of the Stovers' office/shop at 208 South Second Street in Greenville, Illinois.  

A hustling and bustling Expo Hall with vendors and attendees
enjoying the day.

Post event coverage, courtesy of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce

For a wonderful pictorial recap of the (first annual)
 Owl Creek Gazette Self-Reliance Expo, folks are invited to visit the
Expo Event Page on facebook 


"Thanks for the first annual expo. Greenville is fortunate to have ambitious folks willing to take a risk and bring unique people and interesting items to town."

-- Craig Baumberger, Greenville, IL

Friday, March 14, 2014

A Special One Hour Pre-Expo "Creekside with Don and Jan"!

Click HERE to give a listen to our ONE HOUR PRE-EXPO "Creekside with Don and Jan" podcast  as co-hosts Don and Jan Stover share updates on the Saturday, March 15th Owl Creek Gazette Self-Reliance Expo in Greenville, IL AND a wonderful interview with Eustace Conway, founder of Turtle Island Preserve and keynote speaker for the (first annual) OCG Expo!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The MARCH ISSUE of the Owl Creek Gazette is Available to Read In Print and Online!

The MARCH 2014 issue of the Owl Creek Gazette is available online.
CLICK HERE for the CURRENT ISSUE page and enjoy the read!

Here's What's In the February 2014 Issue:

Page 2: From the Editors’ Desk
Page 3: In Our Readers’ Own Words
Page 3: Creekside with Don and Jan
Page 4: February in Review
Page 5: Sunshine and Bugs: Living by Season
Page 6: Bat Homecoming
Page 7: New Life to an Old Friend
Page 8: Circle B Alpacas
Page 10: March with the Jaways at Robie Creek
Page 10: Inside the Outside: Hunting from Space 
Page 11: A Bird Dog, A Buck and a Hunter’s Dumb Luck 
Page 12 Star of Science Channel Coming to Greenville
Page 13: The Roots of Indian Images
Page 14: Owl Creek Gazette Community Calendar
Page 15: Owl Creek Gazette Classified Ads

Friday, February 28, 2014

Owl Creek Gazette Self-Reliance Expo Gets a Mention in the Chamber Sun

A BIG THANKS to the Greenville, Illinois Chamber of Commerce for the nice article in the Chamber Sun newsletter about our upcoming
Owl Creek Gazette Self-Reliance Expo!

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Busy Weekend of Wine Bottling, Pie Tasting, and Beer Making

The Owl Creek Gazette hosted a Wine Bottling and Labeling Presentation at the office in Greenville, IL on Saturday, February 15th.
Winemaker, Bob Lindberg, instructed those in attendance on the how-to's of bottling, with the "Liza's Holely Bucket" batch made back in October during last year's Wine Making event.

Bob begins the filtering process as Don is on hand to assist.

Bob answers questions about the bottling process.

The finished product.

A close up look at the label Bob created for the occasion.

The Phenomenal P Pie, created by Bill Weder and published in the February 2014 issue of the Owl Creek Gazette, baked for our enjoyment by Linda Kessler (to accompany the wine).


Don Stover, co-editor and publisher of the Owl Creek Gazette, was invited to do a Home Brewing Presentation at the Maryville, IL Discovery Series. Don was joined by Happy Hop Homebrew owner, Christian Powell, for the Sunday, February 16th presentation.

Sharon Petty of Maryville's Parks and Recreation introduces Chris and Don as the program begins.

Don begins the indoor portion of the presentation.

Chris continues the outdoor portion of the presentation.

Don and Chris work together during the brewing process.

Close to 40 attendees continue to look on and ask questions as the event winds down ... a good time was had by all!

Tune in to hear Don and Jan chat about these weekend events (and other interesting topics) on Episode 55 of Creekside with Don and Jan

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FEB 11, 2014: The Day We Fight Back